Alexa Dehmel
summer 2021

Alexa Dehmel

Textile researcher & Alpinist – Grip Research


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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry?⁠⁠

-"I was invited and feel very honored to contribute my expertise to this amazing womens gear award. I wish that the outdoor industry will increase the number of innovative and sustainable special female products in all activities."⁠⁠⁠

When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found? ⁠⁠

-"In the mountains and on the water. All ski activities, wakeboarding, SUP and kite surfing are my true passions besides Tennis."

⁠⁠What excites you?⁠⁠

-"To be in the now with the elements and the moments of creation and sharing."⁠⁠

The perfect day...⁠⁠

-"Early bird activity in perfect weather conditions and then relax."

Alexa Dehmel

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