Jury Member summer 2022 | Stefanie Buchacher
summer 2022

Stefanie Buchacher

Corporate Social Responsibility Managerin (Lead) – Sport Conrad


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What reasons made youwant to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry?

Change only succeeds together. Every step counts - and the sum of them can bring big changes. That's one reason I want to be part of the jury, to pool all our expertise and energy to help drive that change. Ecologically and ethically produced outdoor goods (textiles as well as hard goods!) should be the new normal. For our planet. For our children. There should be no option between conventionally and sustainably produced goods. This is our responsibility.


What industry/profession do you come from and what‘s your expertise and contribution to this jury?

As a child of the mountains and sustainability manager with strong roots in marketing and communication, I am close to purchasing and just as close to the customers. For Sport Conrad, I developed an assessment of our suppliers and our product range to create transparency for us and our customers. Sustainability has a lot to do with transparency, resilience, the courage to change, and credibility.


When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found?

Most often I can be found in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, in theGarmisch region, in the Karwendel and the Ammergau Alps. Preferably in rough weather to feel the forces of nature.


What excites you?

The forces and beauty of nature and wildlife inspire me. At the summit witha view of the surrounding mountains I always realize how small the people andthe daily problems are.      


The perfect day starts... very early before the day wakes up.

Jury Member summer 2022 | Stefanie Buchacher

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