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Logo #she is outdoors summer 2021
she is...
crossing rivers,
conquering summits,
exploring oceans,
dancing in sunny fields,
wandering dark forest,
sleeping in hammocks,
flowing wild trails,
walking the dogs,
jumping canyons,
hiking long distances,
counting stars,
diving skies,
turning rocks and moving mountains...
#she is outdoors

Women's Gear award

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we have 28 brands and 37 products on board!

jury meetings online and on-site in june and july
award ceremony 31st of july 2021
product season summer 2021 + summer 2022

In an industry drowning in awards and gear-tests, there is no specific award for women's outdoor products.
Do we need one? - Yes! - Why?

We want to point out the importance of specified development and at the same time highlight signature products and gear, made for female expedition and adventure guides, group leaders, outdoor-sport-professionals, girl scouts, outdoor enthusiasts and all the other nature lovers! Are you in?

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Summer 2021

We are very happy - and incredibly honored - to have such a reputable and experienced jury for the first ever edition of our WOMEN’S GEAR AWARD!

Dr. Alexandra

Textile researcher & Alpinist – Grip Research

Kim Scholze

Outdoor & Sustainability Community Accelerator

Alexa Dehmel

Active Sports Design & Consulting

Cath Prisk

Retail UK & Outdoor People UK

Pamela Ravasio

Sustainability implementation expert &
Shirahime Advisory

Christina Stahl

Retail – Channel Manager Outdoor Broker

Claudia Timm

Bergwelten &
Agentur Bergwärts


nordicfamily, dsein &
Skandinavien Institut

Raissa de Guzman

UK Endurance runner &
Outdoor Adventure Club



"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot – together we can do great things"
Mother Teresa

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