she is...
crossing rivers,
conquering summits,
exploring oceans,
dancing in sunny fields,
wandering dark forest,
sleeping in hammocks,
flowing wild trails,
jumping canyons,
walking the dogs,
hiking long distances,
counting stars,
diving skies,
turning rocks and moving mountains...
#she is outdoors


Registration for the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD summer 2023 is closed. Whether your gear is specifically for women or thoughtfully adapted for all, we want to see your innovation. Missed our webinar? Don't worry! You can catch the replay to understand the award program, entry process, and more.

Here's what to expect:
(00:00 – 04:35)
Join us for the #she is outdoors WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD webinar and discover the world of gender-responsive outdoor gear.

Sneak Peek of Submission Management Platform (04:35 – 19:22)
Experience our user-friendly platform that simplifies the sign-up process and enhances communication.

Walkthrough of Sign-Up Process (19:22 – 30:08)
Get step-by-step guidance on submitting your products seamlessly for the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD.

Looking Back – Award Seasons and Winners (30:08 – 35:00)
Take a virtual tour of the winners' exhibition and hear inspiring stories from past winners.

Benefits of Participating (35:00 – 37:50)
Explore the advantages of participating, including recognition, increased visibility, and access to industry experts.

Closing Remarks (37:50 – 39:52)
Contribute to equal representation in the outdoor industry and shape the future of outdoor gear.
Let's unite in driving progress towards equal access and opportunities for female adventurers, making a positive and lasting impact in the industry.


DON'T JUST MAKE GEAR, MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Drive Progress and Make a Positive Impact with the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD, Showcasing Your Dedication to Equal Access and Sustainable Practices!

If you are passionate about creating outdoor gear that is tailored to the needs of women, the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD is the ideal opportunity to showcase your commitment and dedication to advancing the industry. At #she is outdoors, we are dedicated to providing a platform and increasing visibility for brands and products that are driving innovation and pushing boundaries in developing women's outdoor gear.Join us in driving progress towards equal access and opportunities for female adventurers and making a positive impact in the industry.

But what are the specific benefits of participating in the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD and other product awards? Let's take a closer look:

  • Product Benchmarking from Independent Jury: Participating in product awards allows your products to be evaluated by a group of independent experts, providing valuable benchmarking for your brand.
  • Gain Industry Recognition: Winning an award is a powerful way to gain recognition from your peers in the industry, as well as from customers.
  • Increase Visibility: Product awards provide a platform to increase visibility and generate buzz for your brand and products.
  • Access Expert Feedback and Evaluation: You'll have access to expert feedback and evaluation on your products, which can help you improve and innovate.
  • Drive Innovation: By participating, you'll be part of a community that is pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving progress in the industry.

At #she is outdoors, we encourage brands to submit their "Evergreens" - products that have stood the test of time and have longevity. We value diversity in our awards and encourage brands to showcase a range of sizes and selections to meet the needs of all women. Sustainability is also a crucial topic, and we want to highlight products that prioritize sustainable practices.






We are very happy - and incredibly honored - to have such a reputable and experienced jury!

Alexa Dehmel

Active Sports Design & Consulting

Claudia Klingelhöfer

Chief Digital Officer –
EDM Publications

Kim Scholze

Outdoor & Sustainability Community Accelerator

Stefanie Buchacher

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager –
Sport Conrad

Anna Vater


Ana Kristiansson

Desinder –
Apparel Business and Design Agency

Anny Cardinahl

Intersection of Outdoor X Zeitgeist

Dr. Katy Stevens

Head of CSR and Sustainability –
European Outdoor Group

Astrid Schlüchter

editor in chief
SAZ Sport


OUTTRA is an innovative, internationally operating company from Stuttgart, Germany, that creates added value for manufacturers and retailers in the outdoor, bike and sports industry with the help of efficient IT solutions for data exchange and data analysis.

On April 13th qt 10 am we had have hosted a free Webinar THE IMPORTANCE AND POTENTIAL FOR DATA USE WITHIN THE OUTDOOR & SPORTS INDUSTRY with two of our Jury Members and Sigi Müller, the Founder of Outtra, who has been our presenting partner for the 3rd time this season! If you were unable to JOIN IN LIVE, you can watch the recording! Tune in for a Q&A Session and the discussion on how we can implement data in a way that simplifies the traceability of sustainability and at the same time enables streamlined transfer of content and images between brands and retail partners.

presented by OUTTRA


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