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she is...
crossing rivers,
conquering summits,
exploring oceans,
dancing in sunny fields,
wandering dark forest,
sleeping in hammocks,
flowing wild trails,
jumping canyons,
walking the dogs,
hiking long distances,
counting stars,
diving skies,
turning rocks and moving mountains...
#she is outdoors
Award Ceremony
19.07.2022 | 7:00 PM CET
The Award Ceremony will be live-streamed on our Social Media Platforms and our website. The event is co-hosted by GLOBETROTTER and will be shared by all our partners and friends. We are very, very happy that so many renown brands and communities share our ambition to support women adventuring outdoors!

The free and publicly available livestream event will take place on tuesday, july 19th 2022 at 7:00 pm CET.

We will tell you a bit about the award itself, our great expert jury, the upcoming event in august and – of course – the nominated products. Most important: The winning products will be presented and awarded.

For those who participated in our instagram challenge: The winners will of course also be announced during this livestream!

So ... hang in there and see you on tuesday!
#she is outdoors x GLOBETROTTER BERLIN
20.08.2022 1:00 - 8:00 PM CET

This is new – and we are so delighted! On august 20th 2022 the award will be presented at the Globetrotter store in Berlin as part of a special exhibition. You can listen to some great speakers, ask all the questions about outdoor gear you ever had and get a hands-on experience on the award winning products. There will be some cool workshops to join and we’ll close the day in a nice evening get-together.


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summer 2022

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In an industry drowning in awards and gear-tests, there is no specific award for women's outdoor products.
Do we need one? - Yes! - Why?
We want to point out the importance of specified development and at the same time highlight signature products and gear, made for female expedition and adventure guides, group leaders, outdoor-sport-professionals, girl scouts, outdoor enthusiasts and all the other nature lovers!

SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT – Revised Product Submission Criteria
Background: The Netherlands and Germany, with support from Norway, Denmark and Sweden are preparing a restriction proposal to cover a wide range of PFAS uses – in support of the statements made in the Environment Council in December 2019. They are expected to submit the proposal to ECHA by 15 July 2022. Furthermore, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) will submit a restriction proposal in January 2022 for PFAS used in firefighting foams. This use is not included in the wide PFAS restriction being prepared by the five European countries.In the light of these developments, and the scientific consensus of the environmental and health risk associated with chemicals of the PFAS family (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD jury members have in depth discussed the role of PFAS in outdoor products. In unison, the jury as decided as follows:

Going forward, all products submitted to the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD #She Is Outdoors, and destined for sales seasons of 2023 and beyond, must be PFAS free. This criterion also applies to laminated products (PTFE-free).

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Summer 2022

We are very happy - and incredibly honored - to have such a reputable and experienced jury!

Alexa Dehmel

Active Sports Design & Consulting

Stefanie Buchacher

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager –
Sport Conrad

Claudia Klingelhöfer

Chief Digital Officer –
EDM Publications

Kim Scholze

Outdoor & Sustainability Community Accelerator

Christina Stahl

Retail – Channel Manager
Outdoor Broker

Anny Cardinahl

Intersection of Outdoor X Zeitgeist

Astrid Schlüchter

editor in chief
SAZ Sport

Dr. Katy Stevens

Head of CSR and Sustainability –
European Outdoor Group



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