Jury Member summer 2022 | Claudia Klingelhöfer
summer 2022

Claudia Klingelhöfer

Chief Digital Officer EDM Publications


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I’d like to be in the jury to judge about the key products the brands set in the frontline when it comes to outstanding products for women. I’m eager to find out if they really care about the needs of women or if it is just a marketing strategy

As a communication specialist and journalist it’s always about the general trends, I want to identify them and the frontrunners and those who are the best in class. You can find me outdoors everywhere but probably in the mountains with my bike. My absolute favorite spot so far is the Aosta Valley. I’m excited by a mob tour in a remote area with a technical, versatile trail in a vast and wild landscape with a cosy gathering at a nice hut with simple but good food and drinks. Even more excited I’m by untouched powder and me and my close friends standing at the top of the hill and finally cruising down with the snowboard - And then there is one further thing that is unbeatable: Seeing my son how he is passionate about riding his Mountainbike and loves to go outside as well...

Jury Member summer 2022 | Claudia Klingelhöfer

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