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Women in Outdoors have come a long way. We evolved from sneaking out and climbing mountains and walls in long skirts, our victories unsung and stories untold .... to becoming an Idol like Lynn Hill for being the first human to free climb the nose in 1993. Today the amount of girls and women enjoying activities outdoors equals the amount of men.

Gear for women has evolved from floral prints on rain jackets to specific women‘s fit in backpacks, clothing, boots and all the other wonderful gear we know and use every day. We have come quite a long way - but we are not there yet! Today Outdoor Clothes have turned into Everyday Clothes and comfort and functionality are - besides the design - the number one criteria when it comes to choosing your equipment. But it‘s not the only criteria.
Girls and women are out there, we lead the way up, we dream big and we want to impress. We need the gear and the knowledge to help us accomplish our biggest dreams and we want advertising that inspires us!

Some of you might think “Another award? Do we really have to do this?“ The good News is: No, you don‘t have to… The even better News is: but you can! You can inspire girls to dream of vast mountain peaks, you can unite women outdoors, hiking long distances and crossing rivers and you can turn rocks and move mountains. You can be Pioneers of inspiring, technical Women‘s Outdoor Gear! Our goal is to boost the engineering of outdoor products for women beyond flower prints. So - sit tight and let‘s do this!
It's time to stop adapting and start developing!

©KontraPixel – woman standing in a massive ice cave
©KontraPixel – sleeping underneath the aurora borealis / northern lights

Don't settle for less,
just because it's available.


We had to discontinue the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD in summer 2023. With reflection and forward momentum, I am reaching out with an update from #she is outdoors. The WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD, which we passionately launched and saw grow, will not be continued. The decision, though difficult, ensures we maintain the integrity and credibility that our brands, jury, and community deserve.

This turning point brings us to a pivotal question for our industry: How can outdoor and sports brands achieve economic success in the women's market? We have not yet been able to answer this question, but we will for sure continue the conversation!

While we ponder this, I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to those who embraced our vision since 2021. Your enthusiasm and expertise have fueled a community that transcends the ordinary, highlighting what's possible through collaboration and shared values. Although this chapter concludes, the connections and insights gained are invaluable and enduring.


DON'T JUST MAKE GEAR, MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Drive Progress and Make a Positive Impact with the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD, Showcasing Your Dedication to Equal Access and Sustainable Practices!

If you are passionate about creating outdoor gear that is tailored to the needs of women, the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD is the ideal opportunity to showcase your commitment and dedication to advancing the industry. At #she is outdoors, we are dedicated to providing a platform and increasing visibility for brands and products that are driving innovation and pushing boundaries in developing women's outdoor gear.Join us in driving progress towards equal access and opportunities for female adventurers and making a positive impact in the industry.

But what are the specific benefits of participating in the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD and other product awards? Let's take a closer look:

  • Product Benchmarking from Independent Jury: Participating in product awards allows your products to be evaluated by a group of independent experts, providing valuable benchmarking for your brand.
  • Gain Industry Recognition: Winning an award is a powerful way to gain recognition from your peers in the industry, as well as from customers.
  • Increase Visibility: Product awards provide a platform to increase visibility and generate buzz for your brand and products.
  • Access Expert Feedback and Evaluation: You'll have access to expert feedback and evaluation on your products, which can help you improve and innovate.
  • Drive Innovation: By participating, you'll be part of a community that is pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving progress in the industry.

At #she is outdoors, we encourage brands to submit their "Evergreens" - products that have stood the test of time and have longevity. We value diversity in our awards and encourage brands to showcase a range of sizes and selections to meet the needs of all women. Sustainability is also a crucial topic, and we want to highlight products that prioritize sustainable practices.



Jana Erb


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I’m a photographer and digital creator, based in Munich, Germany and love to travel the world to tell stories. I am an Outdoor and Sports Person and love spending my time roaming new places. After several years of experience in the Outdoor Industry working at Globetrotter in Munich and being a part of the jury of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award I decided to do the one thing, that I had always missed dearly in the outdoor industry: The first ever WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD focussing soley on women's outdoor products. Also I am a gear geek - mostly because I love things that work just perfectly the way they are intended. Having done a good deal of longer trips in Scandinavia, in all seasons, as well as some Alpine winter tours, I had to accept that Iceland’s winter are profoundly more challenging. When climate conditions force you to your physical and mental limits and you have a task to fulfill, there is no room for trial and error. Having technical outdoor and survival equipment that is utterly reliable and can always be counted on allows you to get the most out of the limited daylight time of the Iceland winter.

Miriam Mayer


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After studying photo design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich I now work as a freelence photographer. Influenced by my beautiful home region in the bavarian alps, its mountains and the surrounding countryside, I also enjoy working mostly outdoors. Besides lifestyle and sports photography, my disciplines also include portraits, documentaries, landscapes and reportage. In addition to a great enthusiasm and interest in various subjects, I am characterized by a great attention to detail, determination and conceptual visual thinking in relation to my work. I am able to implement concrete concepts coherently as well as to develop and elaborate my own ideas. Besides that I have a weakness for fern....

Jessica Wörnlein


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She startend in front of the camera and endet up taking over behind the scenes! From outdoor model to partner in crime.

"Without mountains – Without me!" - Jess Wörnlein

Adventurer and dreamer. A mixture of both and always looking for the next peak to climb. Looking for unfiltered mountain experiences to follow her deepest passion. That's her: Mountain lover, particularly enjoys outdoor products and is a secret Design-Aficionada.

Is there such a thing as ‚enough‘ knowledge, experiences and adventures? She follows her inner voice – even though it might not always be the easiest way – as long as it feels right!

Her love of nature/sports combined with her curious, energetic personality drew her to "#she is outdoors". As an outdoor model, she was able to get to know the project better in the summer edition.

In the course of her professional career, studies and professional development so far, she has been able to gain very diverse experience. She has worked in many different companies and has also come to know and love the fascination of the agency world. Her repertoire ranges from marketing & sales, brand management, strategy, concept and digital product development, event management to design thinking.

She is looking for movement, creativity and creative freedom - she never stands still and is always open for new challenges. She tackles life as a team sport - among other things as a new partner in crime and outdoor model for the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD. A match of personality, pure passion and professional experience/skills.