Jury Member summer 2022 | Dr. Katy Stevens
summer 2022

Dr. Katy Stevens

Head of CSR and Sustainability at European Outdoor Group (EOG)


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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry?

For me sport, or simply ‘being outdoors’ has always been a big part of my life and the enjoyment this has brought has been immeasurable. I want other women to be able to enjoy this freedom and benefit from the other positive advantages it brings without any obstacles. We know that there are many barriers that prevent women getting active outdoors and lack of appropriate gear should not be one of them.


What industry/profession do you come from and what‘s your expertise and contribution to this jury?

I come from a materials background and have worked in textile and apparel research and development for a long time. Combine this with my sustainability knowledge and experience and you hopefully have a great jury member.


When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found?

Running up hills, or swimming in lakes


What excites you?

Discovering new places and the early morning quiet while the world sleeps


The perfect day.....

starts with a pot of tea (preferably alone), and includes introducing my children to the fun that can be had outdoors

Jury Member summer 2022 | Dr. Katy Stevens

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