Jury Members Claar und Joanne
winter 2022

Claar & Joanne

Mini Expedities‍

The Netherlands

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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry?

We love to be outside as much as possible. We use our outside gear in all kinds of conditions. During cold nights, muddy trails and sweaty days. But also biking to work, cold winter evenings and even in the office. We think that, if gear is desigend from the female perpective it will be used more often. We get really excited about gear that can be used from Lapland til Amsterdam.

What industry/profession do you come from and what‘s your expertise and contribution to this jury?

Joanne worked at Respect the Mountains. A small organsiation wich promoted sustainable mountain travelling. We would love for the industry to make a huge contribution towards sustainability. Not only by using sustainable materials, but also by making products that last for a very long time.

When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found?

We like to discover new areas. Close to our home in the weekends. Biking in the city, canoeiing in the canals and hiking on the beach. On our many travels you are most likely to meet us in the mountains in the Alps and Scandinavia.

What excites you?

We enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, snowshoeing, canoeing. We get excited by just playing outside and sleeping in our tent.

The perfect day…..

Zipping open our tent somerwhere in nature. Making coffee in our perculator in the morning sun. And explore! 

Jury Members Claar und Joanne

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