Anna Vatee jury winter 2023
winter 2023

Anna Vater



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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry? First of all, it´s so important to give a push to the sports industry to think about the needs of women and humans with female bodies. The second point is to show: hey, we all look different, we all do different, but we all need the same support to feel free in whatever we do and with this we can perform and behave well. And yes, perfect fitting gear helps a lot!


What industry/profession do you come from and what‘s your expertise and contribution to this jury? I have been working as a sales person at the Globetrotter store in Munich and at Sport Conrad in Penzberg, helping customers to find the perfect gear for their adventures. At that time I learned that female clothing is often only kind of a reflection of the „male original“. That doesn´t satisfy the needs of women in clothing and gear, so let´s find out how to make it better! 


When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found? Definitely on trails. I love to be in the mountains, to be outdoors, camping, biking, climbing… But my heart is a runners heart, beating for long distances in the mountains and racing on alpine terrain.


What excites you? Long days out in the mountains, when feelings are big and problems are small. That makes me feel the most alive and focused. Just love, happiness and beautiful exhaustion.


The perfect day… ... is getting up early, running in our lovely Bavarian Alps scenery on a nice single trail. Stepping into more technical terrain, feeling well without any thought about itchy seams etc. Being focused, problem solving, analytical. Self confident and running. Enjoying the view, heading 

Anna Vatee jury winter 2023

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