Portrait Alexandra Schweikart
Summer 2021

Dr. Alexandra Schweikart

Textile researcher & Alpinist – Grip Research


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⁠What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry? ⁠

-"I think it's long overdue for a women's Outdoor Gear award. Women scale mountains, climb rocks, and run dirt trails. I hope that this award will be an inspiration for outdoor companies to design more specific women's products."⁠

What industry do you come from and whats your expertise?⁠

-"I am a textile chemist and have worked in textile research. Being a professional climber and climbing instructor I know exactly how important good mountaineering equipment can be in real-life use. As a freelance journalist, I now report on material innovations and I run professional tests in the textile lab and in the field."⁠

When you are outdoors where are you most likely to be found?⁠

-"I love climbing in all forms, you can find me on long sport climbing routes, alpine muli-pitches or BigWalls."⁠

What excites you?⁠

-"When I have a project with many unknowns that gradually turns into a solvable task."⁠

The perfect day....⁠

-"…starts with coffee, involves rock, friends and fun und ends with a night in my campervan."⁠

Portrait Alexandra Schweikart

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