Geertje Marquardt
summer 2021

Geertje Marquardt

nordicfamily, dsein & Skandinavien Institut


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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry? ⁠⁠

-"As a jury member for the Women's Gear Award, I hope to be able to evaluate products from my field of experience objectively and realistically and thus contribute to the further development of women-specific products. Furthermore, it is important for me to bring this topic into the focus of the perception of manufacturers. In my opinion, better adapted products promise greater enjoyment of the outdoors for all women."

⁠⁠What profession do you come from and whats your expertise?

⁠⁠-"As an industrial designer and artist I have a good eye for shapes and colors and can evaluate those facts of a product well. As a journalist and blogger I would evaluate interesting marketing campaigns or communication tools. As a frequent user of winter gear during trips far above the arctic circle or during my snow and ice work I can tell about the quality facts of good winter gear. 
Last but not least as a mother I can judge if a product is practicable during every day outdoor life in a family for mothers and daughters."⁠⁠

When you are outdoors where are you most likely to be found?⁠⁠

-"North of the arctic circle in the nordic countries or where ever one can find snow and ice to play around."⁠⁠

What excites you?

⁠⁠-"New challenges physically combined with snow and an art project that helps our earth to cool down."⁠⁠

The perfect day ...⁠⁠

-"Exhausted from snow and ice activities in a warm down jacket on a warm fire outside under the northern lights with warm hearted people."

Geertje Marquardt

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