Dr. Pamela Ravasio
summer 2021

Dr. Pamela Ravasio

Sustainability implementation expert & Shirahime Advisory


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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor industry?

- "Nearly all equipment I ever owned was mens’. In size, weight, cut. Womens’ equipment tends to be unpractical (think: pink, pockets and zips in the wrong places) as well as more expensive. And yet – on every alpine tours with the club, at least half of the group is women. If there is a ‘perfect’ piece of gear for every guy – what about our half of the market? It’s the 21st century after all ..."

What industry/profession do you come from and what‘s your expertise and contribution to this jury?

- "Originally I am a computer scientist (really!). Yet, I have been helping organisations to implement ‘sustainability’ issues for well over 15 years. My expertise goes across most consumer goods categories, and across all what ‘makes and breaks’ a company’s effort in this space. I then have a soft spot for outdoor. Because I spent time closely working with outdoor brands specifically. I also am a hobby mountaineer myself."

When you‘re outdoors, where are you most likely to be found?

- "Somewhere in the mountains: The Alps or pre-Alps most typically. Ski touring in winter, alpine touring in summer, and just simply hiking in the intermittent seasons. On an everyday basis: at the nearby river and its forests."

What excites you?

Lots – just not all at once ;) Reaching the hut after a long day out. The summit views on a splendid day and an early morning start. A night in with my significant other. Backpacking through a new country or region. The success of a small and innovative company committed to sustainable change and making this work a better place. Game changing technology innovation. A good book. All of this I find exciting – each in very different ways.

The perfect day ...

- "… starts with a night sky view on the top of a mountain long before sunrise ..."

Dr. Pamela Ravasio

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