Jury Member - Claudia Timm

Claudia Timm

BERGWÄRTS – Mountaineering


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What reasons made you want to be part of our jury? What kind of change do you wish for in the outdoor in-dustry? ⁠⁠

-"Functional products, empowerment for women and utilizable sustainability solutions have a special meaning to me. Outdoor companies have been putting  more effort into reaching women for some time now. Unfortunately that effort has often been reduced to a simple "pink it and shrink it". The industry still needs to make more progress in product development, retail solutions and marketing especially designated to women."⁠⁠

What profession do you come from and whats your expertise?⁠⁠

-"I'm a journalist and content creator with a focus on outdoor sports and travel. But I am also a passionate alpinist, outdoor enthusiast an an absolute outdoor gear nerd with a strong interest in materials, new technologies, and sustainability. It is a pleasure for me sharing ideas, experience and test new products with other sport enthusiasts and to evaluate the latest ideas from the world of outdoor sports."

⁠⁠When you are outdoors where are you most likely to be found?

⁠⁠-"The mountains are my happy place. I love to go ski mountaineering and free riding in winter and mountain biking, hiking and climbing in summer."

⁠⁠What excites you?⁠⁠

-"Feeling close to nature and enjoying the special moments in the mountains: the last rays of sun light vanishing behind a hill, a sea of fog floating in the valley, the scent of fir cones in the wood, birds singing ..."⁠⁠

The perfect day ...⁠⁠

-"...begins outdoors and ends with a smile."

Jury Member - Claudia Timm

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